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announcementEarn more by watching videos! Cailow141,28421/10/2019 21:08
announcementCreative Space - Black Pearl Clarification Cailow141,67404/09/2019 13:22
announcementReminder: keep Howrse a great communitylocked thread Cailow021803/07/2019 15:41
announcementItem or Pass trafficking- What is that? Cailow122,51801/06/2019 14:05
announcement[UPDATED] Player Held Contests - Ruleslocked thread Cailow695431/03/2018 11:20
announcementAccount safety tipslocked thread Cailow074014/12/2016 14:55
official threadSurvey: Halloween Wandering Horses pollCailow1110118/11/2019 19:09
official threadWandering horses are back! Cailow711,07118/11/2019 18:49
official threadIt’s Moderator day! Cailow1313018/11/2019 17:59
official threadSurvey: Stagecoachlocked thread Cailow3241703/11/2019 07:20
official threadAmbassadors Q&A Cailow112429/10/2019 21:16
official threadNew Event : The Stagecoach Cailow6695929/10/2019 17:18
[FT] Spoiler Zone! 
Ow10,710626,40118/11/2019 17:22
Friend Making Topic! 
Ow4,687125,66415/11/2019 09:01
Looking for Congratulations? 
Ow5,588108,85914/11/2019 20:18
*Updated: Black Pearl - linearts and coats 
Retired breeder191,2672,544,96911/11/2019 23:34
Survey: Daruma Festivallocked thread 
Cailow2035009/10/2019 16:57
The Daruma Festival! 
Cailow5489807/10/2019 09:52
Survey: Great Challenge & Derbylocked thread 
Cailow2430517/09/2019 19:58
Newly added to the BM— customization items! 
Cailow012816/09/2019 15:07
The Great Challenge & Derby are back! 
Cailow5172216/09/2019 12:19
Crossbreeder Alley 
Retired breeder2,35466,86010/09/2019 19:24
Survey: Memory Gamelocked thread 
Cailow2641828/08/2019 20:32
The Memory game has returned! 
Cailow451,14826/08/2019 20:29