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announcementDaily Objectives: Tips & Tricks Cailow3308,44401/04/2020 04:12
announcementAncient horse Yggdrasil! Cailow272,11621/03/2020 20:59
announcementTRADES storm228438365,21230/12/2019 07:35
announcementShort maintenance Cailow248218/05/2019 16:48
announcementUPDATE: [INFO] Worldpay Card paymentslocked thread Cailow162405/03/2019 10:30
official threadHaving trouble with your horses? Cailow1017001/04/2020 19:48
Golden Apple trouble 
IrishQ2603/04/2020 17:29
Immyxx11603/04/2020 16:53
How to change location or time 
zoeishere32303/04/2020 15:02
Golden Apples.locked thread 
ℳℴℴₓℯ.41203/04/2020 14:59
Golden Apple Trouble 
LordOfTheFlies22503/04/2020 14:43
Unicorn Breeding 
haleyisthebest610803/04/2020 13:44
Newbie here! Couple of questions <3 
White Oaks52403/04/2020 12:52
How to breed unicorns? 
alyssum07050221703/04/2020 11:26
breeding famr and affrixes 
zanner0243702/04/2020 22:06
how to create breeding farm 
zanner0266502/04/2020 20:25
Bonus of a larger workshop?locked thread 
alyssum07050243802/04/2020 19:03
Wings on Iris horse 
Eventhorizon13202/04/2020 19:02
Daily Objectives stucklocked thread 
Karu33602/04/2020 12:35
Objective 55 
Zephyr13002/04/2020 11:56
Golden horseshoelocked thread 
Jade_21702/04/2020 11:51
Coloured tacklocked thread 
Cho Njeong23002/04/2020 10:22
Covering offer 
꧁༺cυтιe pιe༻꧂25602/04/2020 09:17
unicorn coveringslocked thread 
ebony610202/04/2020 08:41
Pass Offer UFOs 
CoconutTree14001/04/2020 18:15
april fool 
Speckleification212801/04/2020 17:20
Golden Apple 
Jade_27901/04/2020 12:12
Donkey covering?locked thread 
Cho Njeong23201/04/2020 11:35
Old user back- passed question 
zoeishere510801/04/2020 10:11
I can't watch the rewards videos 
Arora55631/03/2020 21:17
PoC on a 5yo horse 
moonlightstar14631/03/2020 20:23
PoC & MAlocked thread 
moonlightstar24031/03/2020 20:14
PoC Packlocked thread 
Song_Eunhye17731/03/2020 20:09
"Don't Cloud"locked thread 
Song_Eunhye714631/03/2020 16:01
Horse still losing health?locked thread 
TrotterHooves25031/03/2020 11:24
TotalThoroughbred25231/03/2020 10:03
'Ranks' in competitionslocked thread 
dollcifier26331/03/2020 09:29
pass horses 
zoeishere710130/03/2020 12:23
Iris coat breeding 
BattleshipChains16330/03/2020 10:38
Where do I report a bug/problem with the game?locked thread 
KimShady23630/03/2020 10:28