Abyssus abyssum invocat

Like vanishing dew,
a passing apparition
or the sudden flash
of lightning—already gone—
thus should one regard one’s self
- Ikkyū Sōjun

Welcome into the deepest sea

The owner of this abyss

- I do not wish to join any further teams, not even as VIP filler. If I want to I will apply myself, thanks for understanding.
- I also do not create any teams.
- If you have any questions about the game mechanics, just to ask them. However, if your questions regard rules, sanctions and similar things, it is best to ask mods directly as only they can give you an answer, which is 100% true. If you get caught, you get sanctioned, as you broke the rules, not the player who gave you false advice.
- I also don't do any trades not available in the game. If you want to know more about trafficking, take a look at this topic. There is a reason why Owlient has set such limits and I'm not willing to bypass those by any means.
- It is not OK if you simply take content from my page. If you want to use parts of it, you have to ask first otherwise I assume you have stolen my mental property. 


I am always looking for the following Black Market items:
bras-morphee.png Morpheus' Arms, pomme-or.png Golden Apple, rayon-helios.png Helios' Raylyre-apollon.png Apollo's Lyrepack-harmonie.png Harmony Pack

I can almost always offer those Black Market items:
caresse-philotes.png Philotes' Stroke, pactole-cresus.png Croesus' Fortune,  couverture-hypnos.png Hypnos' Blanket, orchidee-noire.png Black Orchid,  talon-achille.pngAchilles' Heel, eau-jouvence.png Water of Youth

If you have one of these items or would like to have one, feel free to drop a PM and we can negotiate a price.

Information about the game itself

Basic account safety tips

- Members of the staff will never ask for your password. People asking you are always scammers and should immediately be reported to a moderator.
- PMs offering you free Equus, Passes or other things are phishing attempts and they are just trying to get your account details.
- Only give access to co-management to people you know and can absolutely trust. Even if they have limited access to your account, they still are able to use all BMIs currently in your inventory and any passes/Equus you have. Thus, they can do much harm to your account! As it is your duty to be careful with that feature, you will not be compensated by any means if something happens to your account that way.
- Never give away your password. Ideally use a long one which contains upper and lower case, numbers and special characters. 'password' or 'hello1234' are among the most common passwords and are not safe.

Difference between Administrators and Moderators

Administration: Ow, ZOwey, pillOw, KiitOw, EchOw, DittOw
Anarky, Bebi, Dozymare, Eleyii, storm2284

Administrators, or short Admins, are employees hired by Owlient. Their names are held in a bold font and usually contain the syllable Ow. They are the technical backbone of the game. They do the coding, implement new things and ensure a (mostly) bug free game. They have accounts, but those are only for testing purposes, as they don't have the time to play. Hence, why players aren't able to write them a PM. However, if you wish to contact them, feel free to send a ticket via contact us on the bottom of every page.
Moderators, Mods for short, on the other side are normal players like you and me, just with a few more rights and obligations. Their names are in a bright green colour. Unlike admins, they don't get paid by Owlient and doing their job completely for free. One of their main tasks is to ensure, that players stick to the rules and sanction those, who break them.
They need to be patient, able to work with criticism and be polite and diplomatic at all times.
How they are chosen is mainly unknown. Some of the important things are having a good knowledge about the game, being active in the forums, friendly and helpful to others, adults and never have lost any Karma.

How to blup to 100

A complete BLUP can be achieved in several ways. However, all include the three following steps:
- Bolding the horse's three top skills
- Winning 20 competitions
- An age of ten years

You can do training and competitions in the order you prefer as they need to be done regardless what you do first.
Rides are unlocked when your horse becomes 1 1/2 years old. Beach rides will be unlocked with 5 years but aren't needed for blupping a horse. Training becomes possible when your horse is 2 years old, and competitions with 3 years.
Foal games are not needed for blup but those few skill points may make a difference between winning or losing a competition.

Ageing a horse obviously is the easiest thing and will most likely be achieved soon before or after you get the other two criterias.

To bold a skill you need to do forest rides (for dressage, gallop and jumping) or mountain rides (for stamina, speed and trot) until you no longer gain skill points, and enter competitions until you no longer gain skill points from them. And of course, you have to complete the actual bar training. If you have done that for the horse's top three skills, you will have 3/3 training displayed if you hover your mouse over the blup bar.
To determine the three highest skill, go to the genetics tab of your horse: The three highest numbers are its top skills and change depending on whether the horse is a purebred or crossbred.

Getting competition wins can be done in several approaches.
The most common method among teams is to check which skill is the lowest and entering competitions where the low skill determines the difficulty. Because of the primary skill, the entered competitions have a rather low difficulty but due to the trained secondary skills, the chances of getting wins are rather good. Afterwards they enter other competitions to get the skill points needed for bolding. Example: KWPN have a good dressage and jumping but a low stamina, which enables them to enter low difficulty Cross Country while having good chances of winning due to their high secondary skills.
Another way to get all wins is to use competitions which utilise all three skills. It works pretty similar to the other one, only with the difference that you save yourself one full set of competitions because you enter only one. You still train the secondary skills and keep the primary one as low as possible before entering the competition.
If you have access to enough fillers, either way works fine. If you don't the method mentioned first will be the easier one as the chances to get wins are higher.
Adding bonus items like the whip can increase the performance without affecting possible competitions

Competitions and their needed skills (bolded skill determines difficulty)

Cross Country
Trot Race
Show Jumping
Gallop Race
stamina, dressage, jumping
trot, speed, dressage
jumping, dressage, speed
dressage, trot, gallop
gallop, speed, dressage
Western Pleasure
Trail Class
Barrel Racing
stamina, dressage, speed
trot, stamina, dressage
gallop, dressage, stamina
dressage, trot, jumping
speed, stamina, gallop

General gameplay information

Some divine horses offer you some free gifts, if you are lucky enough. Those are:
Xanthos will give you a Horn of Plenty and 1,000 Equus on the next day when you stroke them.
Xanthos I, Xanthos II, Xanthos III, Xanthos IV, Xanthos V
When congratulating Topaz, it will offer you ten passes sometimes, otherwise you'll get 50 Equus.
Topaz I, Topaz II, Topaz III, Topaz IV, Topaz V
Frost can give you a Hypnos' Blanket. What's more: On the 1st of each month, a Frost will be given to one player who defrosted her the previous month.
Also at the start of a month, Cascade will be given to one player among those who have logged on on at least 20 days in the previous month.
Every month, a horse named Junior Croesus will be turned into a Croesus. Gender, breed and age of the horse don't matter, important thing is, that the name is spelled correctly. Tip: As the horse gets deleted in the process, it is adviced to call a low-skilled horse you will not miss in case that happens.
Observe the market a bit and don't act too rush. Most times you will get more Equus if you be a bit patient.
If you purchase a horse using the auctions it may take a few minutes for the game to transfer the horse to your account. Be patient and don't panic if you have to wait 10 or 15 minutes.

Calculation of the General Ranking

The total skills of all yours horses + 1
The age of all your horses added together +1 raised to the power of 0.025
The total number of trophies you own +1 raised to the power of 0.05
Your seniority +1 raised to the power 0.01

Add that lot together and times the answer by 2
Then divide by the number of horses you own +1 raised to the power of 0.2

- So you can see the best way to increase your ranking is to increase the average skills of your horses. Having older horses and gaining trophies has a very small benefit as well.
- Note: if you have more than 10,000 horses the 10,000 horses with the highest skills are used in the calculation.
- If any of these horses are aged over 30 years then the calculation classes them as being 30 years old (so no benefit of having a 50 year old horse over a 30 year old horse)