Joining Legend.

Before you apply (pm kassandra) make sure you can meet the following requirements:
• can blup a minimum of 2 a week every week (this means 50 APs for a colt and a MA for a filly)
• you need to be able to blup quickly (1/2 - 1 hour)
• have low level western fillers to help team members (around 10 would be a minimum)
• low level trot fillers may be useful too
• be prepared to have a senior member of the team on shared, in case you lose the internet or similar, so we can loan horses in an emergency
• have reliable references from 2 players
• not belong to another Teke team
In return we offer:
• support filling comps
• skiller Grand Prix horses at cost price (a pass for tears)
• friendly help with game issues such as meeting promo requirements


If a particular horse is not in sales, then it is not for sale, please do not ask.