Welcome to my page!

Have a nice day and enjoy playing this serious horse game.

You can pm me in English, German or Swedish (jag kan tala lite).

I'm an adult player, please bear that in mind when messaging me.

I'm collecting horses with discontinued helios rays that are no longer avaible in the game (like the one under this text). Feel free to send me a message, if you own such horses.They might be found on horses born from 2011 - 2014. If you click on the helios ray of the horse, no image is shown at the helios ray page. I'm paying passes or equus for such rays. 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png


Happy howrsing!2a1af738d56da555be74920210e2babc.png

About my game:

*There is a reason for the option to choose "negotiable" if you want to sell a horse. If I have used this option we can discuss about the price, otherways not.


*I'm sorry if some of my horses have taken part in competitions where your horse wants to blup as I sometimes use that vip-perk where you can let your horses automatically take part in a competition. Feel free to send a friendly message, if this happens so that I can help you to fill.

*I love breeding unicorns but sometimes also "normal" horses. I breed what I like (surprise, surprise).

I'm not interested in joining any more teams or breeding groups. I'm busy enough with the stuff on howrse I'm dealing with right now, sry. XD

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