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Welcome to my page!  I am delighted to be one of the first players on this UK site, here on the first day and (almost) every day since. Often, I am on only briefly, so apologies if your PM isn't answered immediately. 

The truth is, I am rather a lazy player - not competitive, but I do love collecting pretty howrses!  I rarely get around to putting horses up for sale, but I am happy to sell most non-GAs for a fair price.

Having been around for a long, long, long time, I have amassed lots of foundations, rare coats and companions, most of which I am prepared to sell for passes (even rare ones, providing I still have duplicates).   Be warned - ridiculous offers will be ignored!

If making an offer on a horse please send a link or tell me the horse's name, breeding farm, etc..  I have too many to look through to find the horse you want.  Thank you.


I feel rather like a 'Howrse aunty' - been on here a long time, I remember the past fondly and happy to watch the youngsters have competitive fun! I enjoy collecting the pretty horses, so am active buying on sales; if you have GAs etc. to sell, I will be happy to offer a permanent home for a fair price.

I've gained a lot of knowledge over the years and am happy to help answer questions, achieve objectives or boost your game play. Just ask! 

All friend requests accepted.

EC COMPS: Always trying to improve my competitions, so let me know if you'd like to be an EC buddy to enter each other's comps each day. If your EC and horses are around the same level, we can help each other. 

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