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***LOOKING FOR HoG COMPANIONS. PASSES/EQUUS PAID. PLEASE PM ME****            If you have one you would like to sell, please pm me with your price.  

  (l)_v1828806360.png Since 8th of July 2013 I've been Hunting for Gold, and now I'm 
Forever Hunting Gold.   I do love those big ole Irish Hunters.  (l)_v1828806360.png



Topaz gives a diamond to some players, others get a little money
Click on each one and  stroke daily

   1. Topaz       2. Topaz      3. Topaz       4. Topaz       5. Topaz

Alternate list for Topaz

1. Topaz    2. Topaz    3. Topaz    4. Topaz    5. Topaz

gives a free Horn of Plenty if you are really lucky, for others
Xanthos gives 10 energy points to their most recently born horse.   Click on each one and stroke daily                        

1. Xanthos      2. Xanthos      3. Xanthos       4. Xanthos      5. Xanthos

Alternate list for Xanthos

1. Xanthos      2. Xanthos      3. Xanthos       4. Xanthos       5. Xanthos

You can only defrost one Frost per day.:D.png?763359189

Frost         Frost      Frost