DRAW WAS WON BY ALFREDO!  CONGRATULATIONS 8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png
1 Prize:  https://www.howrse.co.uk/elevage/fiche/?id=6740659  

To enter send me a message in game, nothing long!  It will be drawn on Friday 12th March at 5pm. 

This is the first retired winged draught unicorn coat.  I retired this coat because I am a trophy hunter and needed the coat to be retired for my trophy collection.  I saved up GAs and bloods to do it.  I bred draught unicorns and I sold other horses to collect trophies.  I am proud to have achieved this with some help from my friends.

I am an adult competitive player and particularly proud to be founder and co-admin of Nouvelle Era Holsteiners, who worked their way from nothing up to top of the rankings in 2 months.  NE are proof that new teams can get to the top and that friendship and loyalty are the most important aspects of successful teamwork.  If you interested in joining us, even if you don't have experience of teamwork, check out our poster below.

I accept all friend requests and am always willing to help newer players with their game or their EC.  Just pop me a message!

If I have offered to negotiate on a sale then I will accept reasonable offers but I will not reply to silly offers, to requests on sales that are not negotiable or to requests to buy horses that are not for sale.50546834253_f00481200d_z.jpg