lol hi. i'm just a casual player yknow. i'm not that bothered about rankings and stuff, but i do like to at least try breed horses with high GP. i'm also working on maybe breeding unicorns wowwwww.                                                           i've been on howrse for years (like,,,,, 5?) but i have taken breaks from it and stuff.            i try to return all congratulations and i will accept all friend requests                               you can probably tell by my profile i like bts and i've liked them for almost 3 years now lol i recently made a wattpad called @magicshcp bajhkfasdjkgsajd lol
btw, feel free to message me about anything anytime lol                                                                                                                                          
btw ALSO a player called sammyjo is doing a lottery which ends on the 15th, enter if you want!                                                         FlyAway is also having a lottery! feel free to enter

my horses

usually, if i plan on selling a horse,,, i just sell it. however if you see any of my horses you'd be interested in buying, please DM me a reasonable offer. obviously though there are some i wouldn't want to sell

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 lol idk why my page is such a mess i just kinda gave up