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About me - I am adult (most of the time)!59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png
I started playing on the international game in 2008. My game ethics are very simple - I detest unsportsmanlike behaviour in any form! I try to play a fair game, breed the best horses I can, and compete in a considerate fashion. 
When the UK server first started, I wandered over to here take a look, then decided to stay and breed Welsh ponies again, just like the early days on International, but with a new affix Ɓåcκ Ʈõ Ʈɦɛ Ƒǚƫǚʀɛ. Then kaliko99, my breeding partner & long term friend from International, joined me. Welsh breeding eventually passed into the safe hands of Mathteacher and Showing, while we had loads of fun breeding the best Hanoverians on the game Ἧȁppỹ Ғееṱ Ἦȁᾖoș with a great team of friends! 

These days I am taking a break from regular blupping, but I'm a very proud member of 3 great teams  -  Շɦɨʀɖ ֆʏʍքɦօռʏ  Nokotas, яυѕтι¢ яαι∂єяѕ  Knabstruppers and MOON AND STARS Friesians.

Remember, it's all about the fun of achievement, and working as a team (but trying to ignore the pain of spending money on passes!)

Enjoy your game! Sara8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png


A bit of nostalgia below - loads of other info got deleted accidentallyc02c9876e2b59391866c49a21f0e04e0.png

******Happy Feet Hanos  - Our Team achievements*****

"Shoot for the Moon" -From 1st June 2013, the best purebred Hanoverians on 
the UK site proudly carried a new affix "Shoot for the Moon". 

Sincere thanks to the fantastic team members, past and present, who helped 
kaliko99 & myself keep Happy Feet Hanos at the top of their ranks from July 2011, taking them from 2 stars to the breathtaking level of 50 stars! 
The change of affix marked an exciting new chapter in this challenging journey. 

Our aim was to continue to breed the best "Shoot for the Moon" Hanos directly descended from Happy Feet bloodlines, alongside the game's best "Moon and Stars" Friesians, with a great team of very special, dedicated friends. 

  ****Our breeding milestones for 2013 ****


6th January - Hano 34 stars arrived today
7th January - The first 35 stars are here!
20th January - Whoop! - 36 stars arrived today

29th January - Wow - We hit 2 milestones today. Our 1st 900 GP Hanos and 38 stars both arrived together!

1st February - Yipee!! - the game's first 39 star Hanos are here!
13th Feb - Wow!! 40 stars arrived today
21st March - After a long wait 41 stars  finally appeared today!
31st March - The game's first 42 star Hanos are here
2nd April -  43 stars arrived today
13th April - the first  44 star Hanos were born today!
23rd April - Our first 45 star Hanos are here.
14th May The game's first 46 star Hanos arrived today
15th May  - Our amazing team bred the first 47 star Hanos today
16th May - More stars!! 48 stars are here
20th May - Wow! Another landmark! 49 & 50 stars have arrived

1st June 2013 - The first day of our new affix - Shoot for the Moon:D.png?2022188751

4th Sep 2013 - the first 58 star Hanos are here:-)).png?32678593