QVV the top selle team is recruiting right now. We ask for 6 blups per month and we share passes regularly.

Temps des Reves is also recruiting! 

Thanks to the amazing missiemoo i got the divine horse cancer today 29/11/2020a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png59f1c863dca1baa69838b4841ccd34b9.png

I'm looking for pstones let me know your price

       imagine being so cryptic the person youre trying to insult didnt get the reference,  try again. I beg youce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png

I'm looking for these rc coats. If anyone has one willing to sell please pm me with your price  
100025641-normal.png <-- got this one thank you Silbersee youre the best!!!a4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png



Who i Am

So hi all, i am an adult player from holland. So i should introduce myself here. So here it goes, I'm not a nice person. I'm direct and I say things the way I see them, I always give people way more chances then they deserve. If your my friend I will stick by you through everything. I will have you back. So if you can handle my not so ver niceness then feel free to message me for a chat or add me as a friend.

I play howrse quite fanaticly and i am a dog handler, which means i go to dog shows for people and show their dogs. At this point im only showing Chihuahuas, my mother breeds them and i show and train them. Ive been doing this for two years now. Also i work 50585be4e3159a71c874c590d2ba12ec.png looking to buy horses with a pierre-philosophale.pngfor 30.000 each, reserve them and sent me a message ill pick them up asap

My Game


All unis for sale are in the unicorns tab- unis for sale  
all horses for sale are in the normal breeding farms for sale. 
and all my uni foals in female uni foals and in male uni foals and male unis are also for sale(accept the welsh). but only the foals. 
i also sell GA coats i have double. Any i dont have double you CAN NOT buy. IF i do sell theyre not cheap. GAs without stone are 350.000-550.000 With even more. RC: 500.000-850.000 depending on rarity so i covered a few unis they're under covered unis some for sale, the tab covered unis. the foals if uni off course are all for sale. please pm if you want one Uni foals depending on breed colour etc prices vary from: 60.000 till 100.000 males are cheaper than females.

Teams and goals

Im the admin of QVV and admin of the Top Dartmoor Uni team on this server. Qvv is a friendly competitve team. If you wish to join feel free to dm me your applicationa4bc962b6472bd3fac0f915a0ff0c336.png


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