*** Accepting All Friend Requests ***
Always happy to click pinatas and lottery tickets and help in all promos. 

I am looking for horses with ladybird companions. 
Top prices paid!! 

Repeating this up here as I have had a lot of inquiries lately - I am very attached to all of my horses. If any of them are ever for sale they will be placed in the private sales; if they are not then they are NOT for sale / trade / loan so please respect this and do not ask to buy them, thank you. All requests will be politely ignored. 


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Welcome to my page! I am an adult player, I was born and raised in the UK but I now live in the US with my husband and 2 children. I have 3 dogs, 2 chinchillas, a hamster, 2 rats, a bearded dragon and 2 guinea pigs. My son has a tortoise and my daughter has a hampster. It's quite a zoo! I also have an awesome 15 year old chestnut Quarter Horse named Clue who lives with me here; and an Irish Cob named Jack and a very naughty Shetland called Shandy who are on permanent loan back in the UK. 

I am Abbeymore on the international version and on the US version as well. I also play the German version under the username CJCarey so feel free to look me up and say hi on any of those games. I am happy to accept all friend requests and will return all congratulations I see. :D.png

Enjoy your game!


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I have been on this version of the game from day one and I am starting out breeding Arabians as I have on all the versions. My first horse on here is a beautiful dun Filly named 'Eve'. I managed to get full foal gain with her and she is now BLUPed, yay! I will concentrate mainly on NIB breeding and I am trying to get a breeding pair of foundations of each breed from the first day of the game, just need some passes and some time....
Once BLUPed all my foundation stallions are available for covers. If there are none in the public covers then just PM me and I will be happy to arrange a private cover. 

January 23rd 2012 - OH MY GOSH!!!! I just won Jade in the lottery!!!!! I only buy 2 tickets per draw and I just checked and there he was. I think I just about had a heart attack!!! I am absolutely thrilled to bits!! Thank you so much Howrse for the lottery, I never thought in a million years I would win the divine xD.png?w12la4zfo9

November 19th 2011 - Welcome Topaz! Come and visit his page and congratulate him for equus or a diamond. He loves the attention! 

November 5th 2011 - Just finally made the last potion and won a beautiful Emerald which I am thrilled with! 

October 10th 2011 -  Wow, this latest wandering horse contest was a killer! But with a little help at the end from the HOPs (1 in 4 chance of a uni my sweet patooty) Ruby joined the divine herd :) 

August 28th 2011 - I wasn't going to buy HOPs to finish the puzzles just for 5th elements but I had come so far and the competitive streak in me combined with the addition of the Gypse prize (my favorite divine) had me back on the pass page again. I love my Sandy boy! 

13th April 2011 -  Finally managed to win all the wandering horses and get my Falabella! Yippee!! Pink one too, my favourite colour. I hope he immediately attaches himself to all my GP horses :D Sorry but he will not be for sale!! 

Please Note: NONE of my horses are for sale unless they are in the private sales (which is unlikely) so please do not ask. Thank you :)

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Thank you so much Chestnutnamesholland for this awesome banner! I can't believe it's been 1000 days already! (I guess time really does fly when you're having fun :-)).png?1117650034)



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