Reminder to self - Gift 1x Wand to olive on Monday.
My horses will occasionally have 'BLUP' at the end of their names. This means that they are trying to get their 20 wins. They are normally foundation horses. Any help is appreciated, thanks. F and M just means they also need to do forest or mountain rides. c:
About me:

Well... My name's Jade. My username used to be xISPARTAN261Ix.

I'm a girl. I'm under 18 years old but I am above the age of 14. My birthday is 20th January. I live in the United Kingdom.

I have 4 dogs:
Benji, male yellow Labrador.
Ozzie, male black Labrador.
Jazz, female chocolate Labrador with half her right ear.
Max, male Jack Russell X Chinese Crested.

I have 7 cats:
A black and white male cat called Blue. A black female cat called Missy. A light brown tabby female cat called Tabitha (or Tabby). And her sister is a tortoiseshell called Tilly. Their brother is a tabby with thicker black stripes called Toby. A mostly white and black female cat called Jojo. A ginger tabby boy with blue eyes, Oliver. A tri-colour little girl called Bella. Another ginger tabby on the way, she will be called Penny.

I also have 9 Bearded Dragons called Eragon, Jango, Dakota, Lennie (het Orange), Fenix (Leatherback) who are males, Mollie, Sapphire, Ellie (Leatherback het Orange) and Lillie who are females. My Crested Gecko is called Beady. I have 3 Leopard Geckos my oldest boy is called Dexter (Tremper Albino possible het Hypo), and my girls are sisters called Hope and Faith (Both Hypos het Blizzard, possible Tremper Albino). And I have Charlie the Corn Snake (Creamsicle).

I have a spiderling (baby) Mexican red knee tarantula. I don't know it's gender, but if it is a female it will be called Scarlet. If it's male it will be called Crimson.

'Morphs' are like the colour of reptiles I guess, and het means they carry a gene but don't show it. Possible het means it's possible for them to carry it, but it has to be proved through breeding.

My gerbil, Poppy died on 29/03/2013. I had a pied roborovski (maybe?) hamster called Luna who died on 28/04/2015. I've also had 2 other hamsters; Blaster (black banded Syrian) and Sparky (yellow banded Syrian). I've had 7 rabbits (Twinkle I and II, Buttons, Caramel, Smokey-blue, Fudge and Smudgey). I had 3 other dogs, a Jack Russell called Fudge, a Border Collie called Casper and Denzel a Husky x German Shepherd. Treena and Treeza were my female New Guinea spiny stick insects. Treeza died in late July and Treena died on the 22/08/2015.

I have never had my own horse but I have rode at a riding school. I used to help out on Saturdays, and looked after a dapple grey horse called Joker. He went lame a lot and they sold him for a piebald horse called Jerry. He was too nervous so they got a really lazy black horse called Monty instead.
My Horses:

I mainly breed Paint Horses. But I breed every breed as well. I am part of a Dartmoor team though.

My horses are all purebred and non-inbred, unless stated.

I hardly sell my horses or but offer lots of public coverings.

I don't like to cover my mares with public coverings.

So far I have cared for 30
low health horses who are now at 100% health. I still have more that I am caring for.

I am not a regular pass buyer, and almost all items on my horses have been won or purchased like that. I have bought passes to buy divines, wild horses, the Christmas Pack in 2014 and things like Bewitched Pumpkins.

I'll NEVER sell Wish Upon A Star (my first) and Quick Silver (First 5th Element I ever used and got a Metal), Pestilentia (Got him on 1st SoA), Pumpkin Pie (Got her on 1st Bewitched Pumpkin) and Golden Apples.
Graphics and other stuff:

If you have any questions about anything you can message me and I'll try answer your question.

I can make layouts and avatars and any other graphics for free, they will be made Friday-Sunday. Small things like avatars can be made straight away usually. I have example work if you would like to see, but not much at the moment. 
Credits for layout:

Sky from KaraRobinson-Art on Deviantart.
Background fromSabrina Franek onDeviantart.
Front grass from prints-of-stock on Deviantart.
Horse from Satrumm on Deviantart.
Unicorn horn from Valanee on Deviantart.
Butterfly from Roys-Art on Deviantart.
Dragon from lorddarkwolf on Deviantart.

Credits for avatar:

Sky from KaraRobinson-Art on Deviantart.
Background from Sabrina Franek on Deviantart.
Horse from Satrumm on Deviantart.
Unicorn horn from Valanee on Deviantart.
Butterfly from Roys-Art on Deviantart.
Dragon from lorddarkwolf on Deviantart.

Other (both):

Manipulation and coding is myself, A Bearded Dragon on Howrse.

Program used is Gimp.

BMI Trades:

I Currently Have:

* = 1 in Exchanges
** = 2 in Exchanges
Achilles' Heel
2x Artemis' Arrow
4x Black Orchid
1x Bonus Pack
5x Fertillity Wand
1x Medusa's Blood
5x Pandora's Box
2x Piece of Cloud
4x Philotes' Stroke
5x Water of Youth

Looking For:
Zeus' Lightning Bolt
Golden Apple
Harmony Pack
32x Medusa's Blood
Philosopher's Stone (need a lot, will trade any items for them)

3 trades left for this week!

Message me to trade! If I have no trades left I can reserve you one for Monday. I trade a pass for a pass, so a BMI that costs 1 pass, I would like an item that costs 1 pass. For example, Medusa's Blood for Zeus' Lightning Bolt. I can be unfair in the public Exchanges though.
Buying Horses:

If you reserve a horse for me please message me, I don't check my reserved sales. Also, I usually do not buy duplicate custom coats, Horn of Golds, and companions.

Any immortal horse for 15,000e, foundation (Ouranos X Gaia) preferred.

Mortal foundations for 5,000e and under.

Immortal Golden Apples for 50,000e-60,000e or 500e and 1 pass.

Golden Apples for 40,000e-50,000e.

Diamond Apple horses. Will pay all of my equus and all of my passes for one. I will build up passes if you offer me one and would like to reserve for a later date...

Horses with Horn of Gold companions. Will pay passes.

Immortal female unicorns
for 100,000e and males for 90,000e. Would like some foundations.

Mortal unicorn fillies for 50,000e and colts for 45,000e.

Any normal horse for 3,000e.

Donkeys and Percherons with no coverings left and normal, non-skiller geldings for 500e-2,000e.

of coats and companions, message me for a list of either!
Immortal preferred!

Selling Horses:

Unicorn Fails will be sold in auction for various prices. If you see one and you want it, just ask. Price will be the starting price.

Auctions start at...
2,100e for 11%+ coat
2,120e for 10% coat
2,140e for 9% coat
2,160e for 8% coat
2,180e for 7% coat
2,200e for 6% coat
2,500e for 5% coat
2,600e for 4% coat
3,000e for 3% coat
3,200e for 2% coat
3,400e for 1% coat
Each star adds 5e, if I feel like adding this.

If you would like a foal or unicorn bred for you, check the 'Coverings and Using My Mares' box to the right. Donkeys and Percherons are included there too!
Coverings and Using My Mares:

I normally offer coverings for 500e, but due to having less time on weekdays I don't get around to these horses. If you want a covering, look in my 'Blupped' or 'IB/Broken Lines/Crossbreeds' breeding farms.

I can also breed one of my mares to get a foal for you, using one of my own stallions, your stallions or a public covering of your choice.
Price is 1000e + covering fee (free with my own) + vet fees. Foals that are to be used in the NIB project are only the covering fee, but you must have proof of your own NIB lines first.

Unicorns add 50,000e-60,000e instead of 1,000e, depending on gender and genetics. Rare breeds cost more than this though. Qilin foals and multiple attempts will cost less, maximum of 5,000e drop, 1,000e per attempt. If you do not want to pay equus, it is 500e and 1 pass, almost all of the time.

Donkeys add 20,000e-30,000e instead of 1,000e, depending on gender, fillies are more expensive. If you do not want to pay equus, it is 500e and 1 pass, always.

Percherons add 40,000e-90,000e instead of 1,000e, depending on gender and genetics. If you do not want to pay equus, it is 500e and 1 pass for a colt, or 500e and 2 passes for a filly.

Shires add 30,000e-50,000e instead of 1,000e, depending on gender and genetics. If you do not want to pay equus, it is 500e and 1 pass for a colt, or 500e and 2 passes for a filly.

Message me for any breeding requests from this section.
Wanted GA coats:

Links go to the images.
Time Travel
Зов прерий
Autumn Vanity
The City Black
Dance of Titans
Chocolate Musse
Dragons breath

Any dragon based coats. I also like palominos, duns, blacks, some dapples and roans. I also like blue coloured coats. I prefer unicorns that don't have antlers, but I will still have them.
Records / Breeding Farms / Affixes:

168th -
General ranking - 23/10/15
110th -
Golden Apple coats - 21/05/16
210th -
Retired Golden Apple coats - 05/03/16
My rarest Retired Golden Apple - Belfegor (68 copies)
Most expensive horse - Dragon Lord (700,000e and 1 pass)

Wildies & Divines - My wild horses and divines.
NIB - Non-inbred purebred horses, blupped or not.
IB/Broken Lines/Crossbreeds - Inbred, broken lineage and crosses.
Unicorns - Unicorns of all breeds, blupped or not.
Daring ♛ Dartmoors - Dartmoor Ponies bred for my team, Daring ♛ Dartmoors.
The other horses - Horses that haven't been sorted, retired horses, geldings, Donkeys and Percherons with no covers left and unicorn fails for sale. In here you will see...
x* Coat Percentage% Gender Uni Fail - For sale!
Name - (Gelding) Name
Rx Name - (Retired + Rounded age) Name
0 Name - (0 Coverings) Name
In all of the breeding farms, except Wildies & Divines, you will also see...
Name - (Male) Name
Name - (Female) Name
X Name - Crossbred Name
1-3 Name - (Coverings left) Name

Affixes with no links haven't been created yet.

σғ Dяαgση Hαησs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Pαιηts ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση TBs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Įcεℓαη∂ιcs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Fяιεsιαηs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Hιgнℓαη∂s ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση QHs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Lιριzzαηs ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Fנσя∂s ŇĮβ
σғ Dяαgση Pεяcнεяσηs
σғ Dяαgση Sнιяεs
σғ Dяαgση Uηιcσяηs
σғ Dяαgση Hσяηℓεss
σғ Dяαgση Stαяs
σғ Bяσкεη Lιηεs
Oғ Dяαgση Dιvιηεs
Other games I play:

Chicken Smoothie - ABeardedDragon #155448

Dragon Cave - Jadewilki

Exhibited (dinosaur sim) - A Bearded Dragon #32139

Furry Paws (dog sim) - iBearded Dragon #1264862

Horse World Online - ABeardedDragon #401

Minecraft - ABeardedDragon (play singleplayer but can play online)

Reptile Breeder 3 - A Bearded Dragon #45

Star Stable (very rarely, not a Star Rider) - Jane Silverwater (I think)

Xbox One - iBearded Dragon

Advertisement and Competitions:

If you see anything out of date, please message me about it.

Ads will stay here until you request for it to be taken down or you no longer do that service.
Buying horses that are uni fails bred by me, as I would like to put my new affix on them. I will buy them for 1,000e and sell them back for 500e, so you earn 500e.
mianna01 runs a rescue centre. Adopt a horse or donate unwanted horses. You can also help out the centre in different ways.
SAUCEPOT also has a rescue centre. Adopt a horse or donate unwanted horses.
Have a look at some rescue horses that might be looking for a new home! Or you can sell a horse that you no longer want at a rescue ran by safe_haven_heaven, alexmariee, ponylove, liliana and horse_lover_123.

Competitions: Advertised as long as it is on your page or until it is drawn, otherwise I see it as finished.
SpecialTed is having a competition. Win a Helios' Ray, by naming their foal!
Silver Night is having a giveaway. 8 horses to be won!
hanzhodges is having a lottery!
Team Achievements:
Achievements of the two teams that I am a part of. Hopefully many more to come. Please note that these records are just the first for my teams, not the first for that breed. Recorded GP for the stars is that of the first foal born with the record, not the highest our lowest out of the foals bred from that pair.
Daring ♛ Dartmoors

Created 14th June 2015.
500GP mark and 5* - 14th June 2015.
6* at 532.81GP - 15th June 2015.
8* at 553.26GP - 16th June 2015.
9* at 583.14GP - 16th June 2015.
10* at 591.38GP - 16th June 2015.
11* at 601.23GP - 16th June 2015.
12* at 620.87GP - 17th June 2015.
13* at 628.99GP - 17th June 2015.
14* at 662.05GP - 17th June 2015.
15* at 668.64GP - 18th June 2015.
16* (came before 15*) at 667.87GP - 18th June 2015.
17* at 705.14GP - 18th June 2015.
18* at 707.20GP (came before 17*) - 18th June 2015.
19* at 715.80GP - 19th June 2015.
20* at 741.65GP - First green gallop star - 20th June 2015.
22* at 749.88GP - 21st June 2015.
23* at 757.66GP - 21st June 2015.
24* at 786.55GP - First red jumping star - 28th June 2015.
25* at 795.69GP - First green trot star - 29th June 2015.
Second best Dartmoor team - July 2015.
26* at 803.46GP - 1st July 2015.
27* at 812.01GP - 3rd July 2015.
28* at 817.41GP - 8th July 2015.
29* at 825.89GP - 8th July 2015.
30* at 853.00GP - 11th July 2015.
31* at 860.23GP - 16th July 2015.
32* at 862.73GP - 16th July 2015.
33* at 870.76GP - 18th July 2015.
34* at 889.84GP - 22nd July 2015.
37* at 907.70GP - First red dressage star - 25th July 2015.
Unranked but still second highest GP Dartmoors - August 2015.
39* at 951.33GP - 4th August 2015.
40* at 952.25GP - 4th August 2015.
41* at 951.95GP (came before 39* and 40*) - First red stamina star - 4th August 2015.
42* at 960.78GP - 4th August 2015.
43* at 994.36GP - 15th August 2015.
44* at 995.44GP (came before 43*) - 15th August 2015.
1000GP mark -17th August 2015.
45* at 1004.66GP - 17th August 2015.
47* at 1029.37GP - 23rd August 2015.
48* at 1037.73GP - 24th August 2015.
Divine Links and Free Divines:
Defrost Frost and you might win a Hypnos' Blanket and also, possibly win Frost on 1st of each month.
Congratulate Topaz and win 50 equus or a diamond.
Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz Topaz
Stroke Xanthos and win 10% energy for your most recently born foal, or possibly a Horn of Plenty and 1,000 equus.
Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos Xanthos
You can win the Divine Croesus by naming a horse Junior Croesus. One horse with this name is selected on the 1st of each month to be transformed into Croesus.
You can win the Divine Cascade by logging on at least 20 days each month. One player is selected on the 1st of each month to win.
Breedable Divines:

Coming soon!
NIB Project:

Coming soon!