The horse to the right hand side of this layout is my lovely mare, Robyn. I bought her last year to bring on and hopefully compete with in the future! She's now a rising 4 year old chestnut varnish Appaloosa and has just started with me under saddle. If you wanted to watch our progress you can follow us here:
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Give No Quarter - Recruitment is open. This is a new Quarter Horse team to UK Howrse. If you're interested in joining us on our journey feel free to PM Me or FancyABaileys to apply!

Guess Who! - I founded this team the day Lipizzaners were introduced to Howrse UK. Since then we've been a wonderful, relaxed team of bluppers and I love every member of the team dearly.

tɛʍρs ∂ɛs ʀɛ̂νɛs - The UK's current top Show Jumping Team. I aided this team in winning the Grand Prix just 93 days after its creation

ɢʀʌᴠɪᴛʏ - I joined Gravity on the 7th Jan 2021 and shortly after we won the cutting prix. We are still going strong even after having stock leaked and I'm excited for this team's future.