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LEGEND are now recruiting

Joining Legend.

Before you apply (pm Tynewydd Stables) make sure you can meet the following requirements:

• can blup a minimum of 2 a week every week (this means 50 APs for a colt and a MA for a filly)

• you need to be able to blup quickly (1/2 - 1 hour)

• have low level western fillers to help team members (around 10 would be a minimum)

• low level trot fillers may be useful too

• be prepared to have a senior member of the team on shared, in case you lose the internet or similar, so we can loan horses in an emergency

• have reliable references from 2 players

• not belong to another Teke team

In return we offer:

proportionate share of any passes gained through sale of skiller foals

• support filling comps

• skiller Grand Prix horses at cost price (a pass for tears)

• friendly help with game issues such as meeting promo

If you are thinking of buying a decent teke buy from Legend in sales

THE best tekes on UK Howrse bar none!

With any other teams there are no guarantees of integrity or that they were bred by the best horses of that breed

You have been warned!

Sorry I won't be accepting any more friends requests unless they are from new members of the breeding teams I belong to. So now you know why I refused your friends request. If you don't understand this please ask someone to explain.