Not looking to VIP fill for anymore teams.

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Please note that unfortunately I can only see the past 5 people who have congratulated me and sometimes usernames fall off the end of the list before I have time to check them. Apologies if I miss your congratulation!


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I'm always willing to help out with any questions you have or any help you need on Howrse - just drop me a PM!

My Game

My game on Howrse has always focused on the unicorn-breeding side. I've had a lot of other aims and projects come and go but most of them couldn't motivate me for long. Aiming high with my Friesian unicorns started out as a side-project, and only recently I realised it was the one goal I ever aspired towards & I've been breeding a bit more competitively with my Friesians ever since. As of 18th Nov 2017, I achieved my long-term goal of placing first in the Friesian uni rankings. Now I'm simply holding onto that title for as long as I can!

I enjoy working on my EC also. If you send me a PM, I'm usually happy to reserve a couple of boxes for anyone who asks.

Goal: I'm slowly working my way towards 1,000 boxes, all 3 stars with showers & water troughs.


All horses that I'm selling will be in the auctions or directs for a fixed price. As time goes on, I may choose to lower prices of my own accord however I usually won't accept lower offers via PM.

I may be planning to sell horses that aren't placed for sale yet, however if a particular horse isn't currently in the sales then please consider it not for sale.

Moderators' usernames are in green for identification and can be found at the top of every forum. By clicking on the 'Community' button in the top navigation bar, and selecting one of our forums (Equestrian, Events, Gameplay or EC Classifieds), you can see a list of usernames at the top of the page.


For more information, you can check out section 7.3 of the Breeder's Manual.

What is Trafficking?

We can only use the official trading and gifting routes that are available in the game. Trafficking refers to any selling, gifting or trading method which is not officially possible to do in the game without an element of risk, and essentially bends around the official trading systems that are in place in the game.


The Howrse Team cannot help you regain any lost items, horses, equus or passes if you engage in a risky trade. Please avoid them at all costs and feel free to contact a mod if there is anything you are unsure of or would like more information.

You can also see the Events forum topic for more info.

Keep your password safe!

Please never type your password in anywhere other than to log into Howrse - do not type it into other sites, nor give it to other players or people who ask for it (even if they claim to be staff, as The Howrse Team would never ask for your password) - these are always scams and you could potentially lose your whole account from it.

Please also avoid giving your own family/friends in real life your password, and be mindful if you leave your computer or device logged into Howrse. If your account is altered due to others having access to your password or logged-in device, the Howrse Team cannot revert your account back to the way it was. Your account could also face potential consequences if any rules are broken, so please keep your password safe and remember to log out when you move away from your device.

Shared Account Management

While Co-Management is an official feature to get around the problem of handing out your password, please be very careful. Players with access to your account through Co-Management can still potentially do a lot of damage to your account, and any undesired activity that happens as a result still remains your responsibility since you allowed the access. People with co-management access can use all passes, equus, BM items, aging points, and have the ability to kill horses. Please only give Co-Management to family and close friends who you know and trust in real life.

Scamming attempts

We try our very best to keep Howrse a safe environment for everyone, but please be aware that sadly not everyone on the internet is honest. If anyone asks for your password, asks you to change your email address to theirs on your Account Settings page, or asks for any personal details, please report abuse.

They may be offering free passes, equus, or other items/horses however these are always scams intended to take over your account for themselves, and website links may contain viruses. Please do not reply to the player directly, instead click the 'report abuse' button immediately. The faster it is brought to the Moderation Team's attention, the quicker we can deal with the player, and the less likely it is that a vulnerable player loses their account.

If you have any questions or concerns relating to Howrse rules, please don't hesitate to send a message to a Moderator. Thank you for reading and stay safe!


hera's pack                         baton-fertilite_v1828806360.png                     harmony pack

                    HERA'S PACK                                                    FERTILITY WAND                                                      HARMONY PACK

                         280,000e                                                               200,000e                                                                     265,000e



apollo's lyreApollo's Lyre: 16,000e

golden appleGolden Apple: 200,000e

aphrodite's tearsAphrodite's Tears: 200,000e

zeus' lightning bolt  Zeus' Lightning Bolt: 200,000e or Medusa's Blood

fertility wand   Fertility Wand: 200,000e or Medusa's Blood

harmony pack Harmony Pack: 265,000e

hera's pack Hera's Pack: 280,000e

If you would like to sell one or more of the above items, please reserve a trade in the Item Exchange. (No PM needed!)


Featuring 'A Ninja Creation'. Breeding PSH Unicorns in partnership with soaring hooves and Shalassa.


My accounts across other servers:

My shiny, new AU AccountErised

My (very inactive) INT AccountAnarky

All the best with your games. Thank you for stopping by!