Hi there! First, thank you for visiting my page, I hope your well! 

A bit about myself:
I'm a female, British showjumper who owns 3 of my own mares. I played howrse around 2 years ago, however I lost the time to play. So, here I am again! 

My horses:
I am collecting each coat colour of each breed. I have started with Thoroughbreds (which you'll find under my Thoroughbred breeding farm), and I am 2 coat colours off completing the Selle Francais. My next breed is Welsh or Paint horse! 

For sale:
If any of my horses catch your eye, feel free to message me! There are certain horses I won't sell though! I am willing to negotiate a price on a horse you're interested in that suits the both of us. So, if any catch your eye, message me! 

Item exchange:
I have multiple items available to exchange, even though they're not being offered publicly. Drop me a message of what you're wanting and I'll tell you if I have it! I currently have a Chronos Timer available.  

Thank you for reading this! If you want to be friends, drop me a message!