welcome <3

I am looking for unused 5th Elements.  Please message me if willing to sell/exchange.

I have lots of horses in direct sales, including ℓαѕ ιмρєяιαℓєѕ horses which have been bred from fully blupped horses, as well as duplicates of several coats for reasonable prices.  

When negotiating with me, please give an offer.  An offer does not constitute in asking me what my lowest price is.  To negotiate is for the offeree to name their price.  From now on any questions asking my lowest price or what I would take will be ignored.  

I only accept friend requests from those who I know or who have spoken to.  I am more than happy to get to know other players so don't be afraid to send me a message.  

ℓαѕ ιмρєяιαℓєѕ is currently recruiting - please message me for an application. 

my teams 
ℓαѕ ιмρєяιαℓєѕ - 20/3/21
尺ㄩ乇 - 16/5/21
Rσckу Rαcєɾs - 3/6/21
American Reality - 6/6/21

my achievements
17/03/21 - 2nd in Popularity Rank (thank youu!!)
18/03/21 - 1st in Popularity Rank <3
20/03/21 - 1st in Popularity Rank
21/03/21 - 1st in Popularity Rank 
23/03/21 - 1st in Popularity Rank
04/05/21 - 1st in Popularity Rank
05/05/21 - Las Imperiales ranks 1st in Prestige in PBSH teams
16/06/21 - 8th in the number of horses I looked after yesterday (1006)
20/06/21 - bred my first divine (Apeliotes)

my notes
my quickest timed blup to 100: 21 minutes (without vip)
my quickest timed blup to 100: 11 minutes (with vip)
blupped 2 horses and bred a filly + colt in under 45 minutes (without vip)
blupped 2 horses and bred 2 colts in under 33 minutes (5/6/21)
completed coats: French Trotter, Friesian
got the vip account on 2/6/21 (79 day seniority)