EC Competitions!!!- Forest Raiders

I am looking to boost my EC competitions and am looking for someone to enter all my competitions (daily?) (and i'll enter all yours).
Details of my comps:

 Name:                   Discipline      Wins        Level                       Skill
 Tomb Raiders       Gallop            20+.         2469.6 to 4939.2     gallop
 Tomb Raiders       Trot                20+          2601.9 to 5203.8     trot
 Tomb Raiders       XC                 20+          1391 to 2793           stamina
 Tomb Raiders       SJ                   20+.         2615.6 to 5231.1     jumping
 Tomb Raiders       Dressage        20+          1671.1 to 3342.2     dressage

Just playing for fun! 
Mission is to breed a horse to win a rosette 8f0d73882229b1f472cf172ee2f66ad8.png
Trying to reach 10000gp with my Marwaris! half way there haha

Always looking for zeus lightning bolts and fertility wands and vintage apples

Open to offers/ covers on my horses. Grown quite attached to my Marwaris but would consider a good offer! (always offer covers from Mike, just bad at putting them in the general coverings.. may consider one with a higher gp as my max increases!)

Got a few drum colts and fillys (in the other horses tab) that I don't think I want! name a price if you want them!

Happy Howrseing