Welcome To My Breeding Farm!


Q.What Information Will My Page Have?

Hello my name is Tasos and I'm from Greece! I'm quite new to the game, really enjoying it! Love making strong and beautiful horses while outbidding everyone on sales. My goal is to reach Top 10 in the General Ranking and own as many horses as possible! Thanks to mocca for introducing me to the game.


I'm looking for the following items:

 bras-morphee.pngMorpheus's Arms,  pack-nyx.png  Nyx Pack,  

eclair-zeus.png  Zeus Lighting Bolt, corne-abondance.png  Horn Of Plenty, quitte-double.png  Titan's Challenge,  toison-or.png  Golden Fleece

I'm willing to sell or trade the following items:

 parchemin-ploutos.pngPloutos Parchment, pactole-cresus.pngCroesus Fortune, caresse-philotes.pngPhilotes Stroke

5th-element.png 5th Element , talon-achille.pngAchilles' Heel,  larmes-aphrodite.pngAphrodite's Tears, pack-bonus.png Bonus Pack

Also I'm offering 10k Equus for the following BMI's :

Apollo's Lyre, Hypnos Blanket

It's still pretty early so this list will get updated really soon but here are my strongest and  favrorite horses. Many more to come.

Natsu Dragneel

Wendy Marvell 

Mirajane Strauss 

Gildarts Clive

Rangiku Matsumoto


I 'm always fighting for the horses I desire either it is an the auction sales either on IRL (Just kidding). Probably still out of reach but I would love any of the Mythological Horses, Falabella Horses or any sellable Divine. 
Also interested in buying Donkeys for either passes or Equus.
Finally I'm definately up to buying some cheap AP hunters.

16/4/2020 Reached Top 500 In General Ranking

20/4/2020 Reached Top 400 In General Ranking

26/4/2020 Reached Top 300 In General Ranking

7/5/2020 Reached Top 200 In General Ranking

16/6/2020 Reached Top 100 In General Ranking 

28/8/2020 Reached Top 50 In General Ranking