About Me

Hello all <3

I'm The Zoologist - a university student currently doing a MBiol in Zoology!

I used to play Howrse many years ago, but lost interest for awhile. Just rejoined, and everything has changed so much!

I am super friendly, so if you fancy having a natter, just send a message my way - just give me a little time to reply as university work has to come first.

The artwork above is of my beloved greyhound Bones - who died in my first year of uni :( But I still love him unconditionally.  

Love you all x

My Game

Currently breeding purebred Shetlands, Thoroughbreds and possibly Irish Hunters. Also got a sideline of donkeys I breed here and there.

My Shetlands use the affix Science Shelties - these ponies will never be sold <3

My Thoroughbreds will hopefully use the affix Traditional Racers - I just need to get enough days to make it ^_^

My Irish Hunters aren't really planned right now, it's just happening slowly.

My donkeys are hit and miss with breeding - I don't always get enough females born to keep the project running :( But we manage somehow!
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