Hello there! I play primarily on the International and UK servers of Howrse, under the same name.

On this version I like to breed Thoroughbreds, Knabstruppers, Arabs and KWPNs; over on the main site I breed Lusitanos with the Jaded team and am coleader of the elite Morgan team.

Ghost Thoroughbreds are the elite GP for this server and the ideal choice for the Gallop Grand Prix - check the skiller foals box for info regarding purchasing one. Myself and my wonderful partner Amanda Mckeon produce this line.

I'm mostly known for my graphics, I suppose, or at least the layout manips I've made. Please bear in mind I rarely have the time around my teams, to actually make them. It is for this reason I do not accept public commisions. Apologies!

Migrated to the Swedish server for the luls. Under the name Werewolf, for even more luls. Not really active here, having given away all my horses, divines and all...

GHOST brings the first 31 starred horse to Howrse.co.uk ^^





Thoroughbred and Knabstrupper Skiller Foals are available for 12 passes and 500e from the Ghost Team and Kryptonite Team, respectively. PM me for a prep.

Thoroughbreds are top for Classical Gallop Prix and for the Western Reining Prix.

Knabstruppers are the top for the Western Trail Prix and place highly in the Classical Dressage Prix :)

The gelded horse will come to you at 2 years and 6 months of age, with a Nyx pack, WoY and all lessons done up to date; you must reserve the 60e box for him.

You can send over a Nyx if you want six passes knocked off the total price. Conversely, I am happy to run a Nyxless skiller for 7 passes (extra APs used on my end, hence the extra pass).
I played Howrse once, long ago in a land far away!

Back then I preferred Wajas (#49 Sabriel :P) and after just shy of a year of Howrsing around finally quit for that sim and increasingly lost interest in browser games. Later being convinced that howrse, after its shiny new graphical changes, was allegedly good, I rejoined. I couldn't be Firefox as some newb had stolen my name and so I am now, as I have been for about two years, Savaria! :D

I am a competitive breeder, I buy passes and am an adult player. Even the limited amount of spam I read through has given me a low tolerance for junk mail. I am a polite person and so if I do not reply to a PM, it is either because I am genuinely unable to (not online) or I cannot think of anything... polite to say to you.

Please don't be offended; I only ignore mail relating to the sale of a horse/horses which I do not already have in sales; asking for coverings from any of my top GP horses or mail that is simply quite rude. I have only had two from the latter in all my time on Howrse. The majority is very considerate and literate and to these messages I always respond.

I do not speak chat, or numerics. Please bear this in mind when mailing. I am fluent, however, in respected typo.

People work in real life for real money to pay for passes. They support this game in this way and are the only reason, along with the sponsors whose adverts you see (unless you are annoyed by these like me and have a peg account lol), that Howrse can exist. Please respect this. Without donating players this game would not be here to play.

I do not like disorganised large groups, therefore I usually form my own teams or have limited BPs for a breed. The only large team which I am a part of is Jaded Lusitanos over on the international, for the reason that delyth is amazing at keeping a tight ship and each member is highly experienced and capable with blups. I also love having so many teammates to stalk...

I adore Howrse, I am a bit (ok a lot) addicted. In real life as with this game I can be a bit scatty and forget things though. Layouts, skillers, passes, sales, whatever. If I had a deal with you and it seems to be... forgotten, just message me again later in the day. I have a lot of mail come through on this server as well as on the internationl so many times things on either may get a little lost. Please keep in mind I am a university student, so if mail seems short one day from the next it isn't that I am being short with you :D I just have less time today than yesterday. I could also be severely drunk. And delete your mail accidentally with inebriated sausage fingers.

Overall, my philosophy on this game is that it is a game but also a business (at least for Howrse staff). I donate to it via passes and this means I have a financial investment in it. I take it seriously and can get upset by it too. However I do like chatting and hearing random anecdotes from others. I love the community on this server and I don't bite too much. I mostly nibble. So feel free to throw me a hello.

Please support Ghost! If you are another proud Thoroughbred breeder, have ever bought a Ghost Foal or simply appreciate the Thoroughbred horse, put this on your Page! :D x



Thanks to HanniOMG for the gorgeous banner! xXx

Thought for the day: There are two ways to get enough: One is to accumulate more and more. The other is to desire less. G K Chesterton

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❒ Single
❒ Taken
✔ Mentally dating a fictional character that doesn't exist


^Particularly to the new players, but the old alike, don't let the politics on this game dampen your spirit. Playing it safe is the riskiest choice in life we can make. You have every right to be at the very top, in whatever you do; all you need is the courage to start and the dedication to finish.




Thank you SO much to soaring hooves and LenaGirl for my lovely howrse-birthday banners ^^ xxx hehe




And that... sadly.... is how bad my roots really are....



  same face when uni breeding time missed.... rofl

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savaria... the corrupter..... lmao 0bcb59b20b3d6ca052d914412ddf00ab.png?137722501ce52790629679d930ca16c39a4f619c3.png?137722501


my old mare, nala, being a bit lazy
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lol im obssessed with these pics

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