The breeder's manual

Karma and warnings

Karma shows your reputation in the game. Upon registering, you receive 10 karma points. You lose karma points if you break the rules. Losing karma points can mean you lose access to certain game features, such as the forum or sales.

If you break a minor rule, you receive a warning. If the situation repeats itself, you lose karma.

Losing karma

How you can lose karma:
Inappropriate images or comments:With content that is sexual, racist, threatening, harassing, or violent in nature; that incites violence and hatred; or that divulges a player's private information. This restriction includes links to other websites containing such images or comments.
Cheating:Asking other users their passwords, organising scams, breaches of trust, stealing accounts, trafficking with accounts with passes or in-game items. Cancelling pass purchases after passes have been spent. Exploiting any aspect of Howrse via using bugs or abusing temporary game defects. Multiple accounts and use of scripts.
Behaviour towards others:Lack of respect or common courtesy, aggression, insults, profanity, defamation, or identity theft. This also includes behaviour towards customer service representatives.
Copyright infringement:Theft of creations, images or illustrations that are not in the public domain.
Specific rules:Disrespect of specific forum rules, private messaging...

This list is not exhaustive and may be changed at any time.

Earning karma

If you lose karma points, you can get them back: one point per 30 calendar days starting from when you last lost karma points.

You can have up to 10 karma points.

Effects of karma loss

Your karma affects your access to the game's community features
karma8 pointsLoss of access to co-management, pre-production versions of the game and ageing of Yggdrasil, loss of access to daily objectives (including opening the Horn of Plenty)
karma6 pointsLoss of access to all the forums, to personal page and equestrian centre page customization, to creation/edition of Help Center content, and loss of access to item donation and the item exchange
karma4 pointsLoss of access to the sales and to proposing creations
karma2 pointsLoss of access to private messaging
karma0 pointsTwo-month ban from the game