The breeder's manual

Divine cards

The divine cards

Each special horse is linked to a divine card.

These cards are used in the Ascent of Olympus to move through the rooms and face the boss.

You unlock the divine card of a special horse as soon as it is in your breeding farm.

Power and level of divine cards

Divine cards are divided according to their power, represented by the number of their stars.

These stars also represent their level.

Each divine card starts at level 1.

Their number of stars indicates the maximum level they can reach.

For example, a 3 star card can reach a maximum level of 3.


Each divine card has 4 abilities of varying amounts:

  • Leadership
  • Agility
  • Intelligence
  • Strength

These abilities are used to overcome the challenges in the Ascent of Olympus mode and face the boss.

They increase with the level of the divine card.

Player's hand

You start each Ascent of Olympus game with 3 cards in your hand.

You can add more cards to your hand through the bonuses you win at the end of a challenge.

You cannot have more than 6 cards in your hand.

You hand will reset at the end of each Ascent of Olympus game.

All divine cards will switch back to level 1.

The cards you haven't set as your favorites are removed from your hand.