The breeder's manual

Basic idea

What's Ascent of Olympus?

Ascent of Olympus is a game mode connected to special horses.

In this mode, you use the special horses from your breeding farm, or in-game, in the form of cards.

These cards will let you overcome challenges, pass thresholds and attempt to face the boss at the top of Olympus.

Starting a game in Ascent of Olympus mode

Each game in the Ascent of Olympus mode requires you to spend a coin to be launched.

Depending on the type of coin you spend, your starting cards and the cards you can obtain during the Ascent will change.

  • rowguenormalticketObols allow you to play with all the divine cards in the game. You'll get 1 every day when you log in and you can buy them with passes.
  • rowguespecialticketDrachmas allow you to play with the divine cards you own, drawn from the special horses in your breeding farm. You'll get 1 every 5 games played and you can buy them with passes.

Completing a game in Ascent of Olympus mode

To win an Ascent of Olympus game, you must defeat the boss at the top.

If, during your Ascent, you fail to pass one of the challenges blocking your way, you lose.

When a game ends, you can start a new one by spending another coin.