The breeder's manual

The horse sales

Horses can be sold and purchased between players in exchange for Equus or Passes.

After each sale, 10% of the final amount will be used to fill the Piggy Bank.

For example, if you sell a horse for 5,000 equus, 4,500 equus will be credited to your account and 500 equus will go into your Piggy Bank.

When the Piggy Bank is full, you will be able to unlock special temporary offers.

The moment you put your horse up for sale, you can no longer take care of it. It is automatically paused and stops ageing. It will start ageing as usual again once it has been bought. Note that the horse will stop ageing once it's been put up for sale, even if the seller just took care of it that same day.

You can't buy back a horse that you sold in the 10 days after having made the sale.

The auctions

When selling a horse at an auction, you can set a starting price. Potential buyers will bid on this price. In the last 30 seconds, every time a player places a bid, the time left before the sale ends is reset to 30 seconds. The horse will be transferred to the player who placed the highest offer at the end of the sale.

During the auction, the money is taken from the highest bidder, while the players that placed the first bids will be reimbursed. If no one has made an offer by 48 hours, the horse will remain with the seller.

Auctions can be cancelled if no one has bid on them yet.

Players with the Pegasus Account can start auctions for passes.

Direct sales

Direct sales allow you to sell your horses quicker as compared to auctions. You directly choose the sales price for your horse, and it can be purchased at any time.

You may cancel a direct sale before it has ended if no one has bought your horse. The horse in question will automatically return to your breeding farm 30 days after the start of the sale.

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

The Reserved Sales

It is also possible to reserve a sale for a certain breeder. If you select this option, only the player that you have chosen will be able to buy your horse.

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

Safe Haven

This is a refuge for horses. The horses and ponies here enjoy happy days away from the hustle and bustle of competitions.You can sell:

  • your horses for 500 equus
  • your unicorns and your non-unicorn horses born from two unicorn parents for 2,000 equus

Selling a horse to this sanctuary is not like selling a horse to a player. Once the sale is completed, you cannot buy your horse back, and the sale price is fixed.