The breeder's manual

Your breeding stock

The breeding farms

Breeding farms allow you to regroup horses that belong to you, whoever their breeders are.

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

You can register an extra breeding farm per 60 days of seniority up to a maximum of 5 breeding farms.

By subscribing to a Pegasus account, you can register up to 50 breeding farms. Additionally, you can regroup all these breeding farms under 5 categories, each with its own colour, in order to find them more easily.


Any breeding farm can make a name for itself and build its reputation based on the horses it produces. You can register an affix and add it to the name of the horses that you have produced. This affix may not be removed by future owners of horses produced in your breeding farm. You cannot add it to the name of horses that were not born in your breeding farm.

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.

You can create an extra affix every 30 days of seniority. You will also get more affixes by subscribing to a Pegasus account.

You can have several affixes and give them based on the breeds you use, for instance, or in order to differentiate lineages within a specific breeding farm focused on this or that breed.

The breeds and the blue star

There are many different breeds on Howrse, for horses and ponies alike. You can separate purebred horses from these with mixed breeds via the Genetics tab on the horses' sheet. Additionally, purebred horses have a blue star on the sales and coverings pages.

Breeding restrictions

By taking care of your horses, you can find ageing points or bonuses (whip, tub of grease, etc.) and you will earn Equus (with missions or competitions, for example). However, once you wake up over 1000 horses in a day, these gains are disabled. They are reenabled the next day.