The breeder's manual

The Grand Prix

The Grand Prix is a week-long championship. It consists of 5 heats total, one heat per day. There are 2 different Grand Prix: Classical Riding and Western Riding.

coupeClassical Riding Grand PrixCross-countryTrotShow jumpingDressageGallop
coupewesternWestern Riding Grand PrixCuttingWestern pleasureReiningTrail classBarrel racing

Each event lasts 10 hours and requires 99% energy. Players may enter two of their horses in each event.

A ranking is done each day and extraordinary gifts are handed out:

  1. coupeFirst prizepass400
  2. coupeargentSecond prizepass200
  3. coupebronzeThird prizepass100
  4. Fourth prizecrampons1
  5. Fifth prizefragmentnuage1
  6. Top 100argent1000
  7. For all participantsargent500

At the end of the 5 events, on Saturday, a Grand Prix weekly ranking is displayed: Only the best performance in each event is counted. To be ranked, you must have participated in the 5 events of the week.

Sunday there are no events, it's rest day for your horses.

Following the weekly Grand Prix ranking:

  • The top 10 receive a distinction on their profile page.
  • The top 100 gain access to the fountain for seven days. The fountain replaces the water trough and triples your energy and morale earnings.

There are special bonuses for the Grand Prix, which for example allow you to reduce the energy your horses spend when registering, to give skill bonuses to your competing horses, and to register four horses in each event instead of two. You'll find these bonuses in the Horns of Plenty.

Please note that the Grand Prix participation of a horse is cancelled if you loan or sell it.

Access is granted when you complete the apprentice breeder objectives.