The breeder's manual

Feeding your horse

Colts and fillies

Foals remain with their mother until they are 6 months old.During that time, they feed on their mother's milk exclusively. If the equestrian centre where the mother is boarded provides carrots, the foal can eat some for free.

Weaned foals can only eat fodder.When they start training, you can give them oats. Make sure they eat properly: not too much, not too little.

The adult horse

An adult draught horse needs fodder and oats.Food quantity depends on the amount of work provided. If the food is not appropriate, they will get fatter or thinner, which can incur health damage.
The horse can eat a certain amount of fodder for free depending one the quality of the meadows in the equestrian centre where the horse is boarded. It also depends on the season: grass is less abundant in the winter than it is in the spring.
Some equestrian centres offer fodder and oats to their boarders.
This allows you to feed your horse entirely for free if they are boarded in such an equestrian centre!

Weight problems

Several messages will warn you if your horse is too fat or too thin. If this is the case, you will have to take action. If it's too thin, you will have to give it as much feed as possible. If it's too fat, don't feed it.


You can please your horse by giving him carrots. They also restore some of his energy. They can be given away for free to boarders by equestrian centres who grow them. Make sure you choose the right equestrian centre!

Other players can give apples to your horse to boost his morale.


In order to help you keep your horse in shape, you can use mashes that will restore:

  • 10% energy
  • 10% morale
  • 5% health

Only horses that are more than 2 years old. Additionally, after 25, horses no longer recover health from mash.

Just like with fodder, oats and carrots, some equestrian centres can give mashes away for free.