The breeder's manual

Your horse's board

After weaning it, quickly board your horse in an equestrian centre so you can put it to bed.

To do this, use the link at the top-right of the page to choose an equestrian centre. You can choose an equestrian centre according to its price or its prestige. You may also search for the equestrian centre of a specific player by providing the player's identifier.

Once you have selected an equestrian centre, you must choose the duration of the stay, and then simply confirm. Of course, your horses do not all have to be boarded at the same equestrian centre. Furthermore, you can change centres as often as you like.

You can extend the boarding thanks to the which is placed next to the end date on your horse's page. The center manager will decide to accept or decline your request. It's also possible to ask the manager to reserve a box for you in his establishment.

Choosing a centre

The equestrian centre that you choose will have an influence namely on:

  • box size: the bigger the box is, the more morale a horse bedded there receives when it wakes up
  • the quality of bedding used: mares will lose less energy when giving birth if the quality of their bedding is good
  • The money you earn for the missions your horse accomplishes: the price is automatically calculated according to the boarder's prestige. (the price displayed on the centre's page is the amount received by the owner of the horse performing the mission)
  • the meadow prestige: the higher the meadow prestige is, the more fodder your horse will be able to eat for free when grazing
  • if food is available, such as fodder, oats, carrots or mashes: you can then give some to your horses without having to take it from your inventory.
  • the presence of equipment that allows boarders to benefit from it for free if they have the corresponding speciality
  • Location of Equestrian Centre: skills increase twice as fast during rides if the location of the Equestrian Centre corresponds to the type of ride your horse goes on.

Instances of horse being bought or evicted

Remember to check the profile page for the center where you want to board your horse to avoid any surprises, as you won't be able to cancel the horse's board there. The horse will stay there for the number of days you have paid for. There is one exception: when players buy a horse whose board has already been booked in, they can cancel it during the 7 days following purchase.

If your horse is evicted from the box they were in because the box has become too worn or the equestrian center was deleted:

  • either you are reimbursed for the boarding sum that is left
  • or if reimbursement isn't possible, your horse will be transferred to a box of the same quality in Ow's equestrian center for the remaining duration of their stay. You can cancel your horse's board in the 7 days following the transfer if you wish.

Cancelling a horse's board doesn't give you the right to be reimbursed.