The equestrian centre's manual

The rankings

Ranking of the equestrian centres

Equestrian centres are required for the game to run properly. They house the horses and allow breeders to train them. These centres have 3 types of ranking:

  • the prestige
  • the number of boarded horses
  • the most popular centers: this ranking is calculated based on the number of visits made by different players during the previous day. Viewing a profile page several times is useless, because only one visit will be taken into account.

Ranking of the competitions

On this page, you can view the ranking of the most prestigious competitions, the amount of Equus in their kitty and see the centres that organise them.

The best horses on Howrse compete in these events.

To reward regularity, competitions with more than 75% worth of prestige that haven't been run for more than 5 days lose 1% of prestige per day beyond that delay.