The equestrian centre's manual

The center's prestige

Your equestrian centre prestige is a rating showing its quality. The higher the prestige is, the more renown your centre will have and the more it will attract boarders. Make sure you regularly check your centre's prestige in order to progress in the rankings.

It depends on many factors, divided into five main areas.

The equestrian centre's comfort

Your equestrian centre's comfort corresponds to your boxes quality, and the services that you make available to your boarders. Thus it consists of:

  • the size of your boxes
  • the quality of bedding
  • the presence of a shower in the boxes
  • whether you have made food available to your boarders (fodder, oats, carrots and mash)
  • whether you have made equipment available to your boarders, and the quality of that equipment (saddle cloth, saddle, bridle, ears bonnet, polo wraps)

Meadow prestige

The meadows that you offer to your boarders for grazing purposes must be fertile and adequate in number.

Equestrian centre capacity

The bigger your equestrian centre is, and the more boarders it houses, the higher its prestige will be. The ideal situation is to have 100 boxes (additional boxes do not increase prestige), and to have an occupancy rate of at least 50%.

Boarders' skills

Obviously, the horses that you are housing also have an impact on your center prestige. The best skill of each of them is taken into account, except for special horses.


The five competitions that your centre can hold have an impact on the total prestige of your centre. Be sure to check the prestige provided by each of them.