The equestrian centre's manual

The missions

Your equestrian center can organise missions. It is up to the breeders of the horses you are boarding to decide whether or not you should organise a mission at your center. It's a way for them to earn a certain amount of Equus as well as skill points for their horse. This amount will not be taken from you; you have nothing to pay.

Mission rewards depend on the prestige of boarders in your equestrian centre. However, the number of missions your equestrian centre can offer each day is unlimited. Only normal horses are counted in the calculation.

Also, whenever one of your boarders completes a mission, you receive a certain amount of Equus or resources depending on the best skill of that horse. It is you who decides on the portion of missions that provide Equus (lesson) or resources from your equestrian centre management. The type of resource obtained depends on where your equestrian centre is located:

  • Forest: wood
  • Mountain: iron
  • Beach: sand

Please note that the quantity of resources you can obtain from missions is limited by resource supply. This supply replenishes on a daily basis, according to the prestige of your equestrian centre and can't exceed 2000 units.

When one of your boarders completes a mission that gives resources as a reward, the reward is doubled if a draught horse was used.