The equestrian centre's manual

The enhancements

Box enhancements

In order to make horses boarded at your equestrian centre more comfortable, you can acquire enhancements and place them in the boxes of your choosing:

  • water trough: when watered, horses with a water trough in their box will earn 4 times more energy and morale than horses who don't have one available.
  • shower: when performing actions, horses with a shower in their box will spend 10% less energy than horses without a shower available.

You can only add one shower and one water trough per box.

Offering showers and water troughs increases the prestige value of your equestrian centre.

Meadow enhancements

In order to improve the yield of crops and cows in your equestrian centre, you can obtain enhancements and add them to the meadows of your choice:

  • feed trough: if you raise cows on a meadow where a trough is present, your cows will produce 30% more leather.
  • tractor: having a tractor on a meadow increases crop yield on that meadow by 50%

You can only have one feed trough and one tractor per meadow.