The equestrian centre's manual

The workshops

Workshops allow you to make all types of buildings and all the items you will need in your equestrian centre or breeding farms, except for resources and farm products. Your equestrian centre comes with a small workshop when you create it. Later on you can add other workshops, either by purchasing them or constructing them in the workshops you already own.


The number of workshops you can use simultaneously depends on the prestige value of your equestrian centre:

  • Between 0% and 20% prestige: 1 active workshop
  • Between 20% and 40% prestige: 2 active workshops
  • Between 40% and 60% prestige: 3 active workshops
  • Between 60% and 80% prestige: 4 active workshops
  • Between 80% and 100% prestige: 5 active workshops

Production duration and required resources depend on the items you want to craft.

box12Box 1*ressourcebois25ressourcesable253 hours
box16Box 2**ressourcebois500ressourcesable5002 days
box18Box 3***ressourcebois2,500ressourcesable2,5008 days
atelierpetitSmall workshopressourcebois250ressourcesable2501 day
ateliermoyenMedium workshopressourcebois1,250ressourcesable1,2504 days 4 hours
ateliergrandLarge workshopressourcebois3,750ressourcesable3,75012 days 12 hours
serrepetiteLittle greenhouseressourcebois50ressourcesable505 hours
serremoyenneMedium greenhouseressourcebois250ressourcesable25020 hours
serregrandeLarge greenhouseressourcebois2,000ressourcesable2,0006 days 12 hours
abreuvoirWater troughressourcefer1,5003 days
doucheShowerressourcefer2,5005 days
tracteurTractorressourcefer2,5005 days
augeFeed troughressourcefer1,5003 days
brideclassique1x1* Classical Bridleressourcefer10ressourcecuir905 hours
brideclassique2x2** Classical Bridleressourcefer20ressourcecuir18010 hours
brideclassique3x3*** Classical Bridleressourcefer80ressourcecuir7201 day 16 hours
selleclassique1x1* Classical Saddleressourcefer20ressourcecuir23012 hours
selleclassique2x2** Classical Saddleressourcefer40ressourcecuir4601 day
selleclassique3x3*** Classical Saddleressourcefer160ressourcecuir1,8404 days
tapisclassique1x1* Classical Saddle Clothressourcelin2010 hours
bande1x1* Polo Wrapsressourcelin105 hours
bonnet1x1* Ear Bonnetressourcelin105 hours
clochesBell bootsressourcecuir5001 day
cravacheWhipressourcecuir1,0002 days
eperonsSpursressourcefer1,5003 days
longeLungeressourcecuir1,2505 days
cramponsHorseshoe Studsressourcefer1,7503 days 12 hours
mashMashsonble500pomme200graineslin10012 hours
engraisk1* fertilisercrottin2006 hours
engraissadechir2** fertilisercrottin40012 hours
engraisfumierManurecrottin600ressourcepaille2001 day 12 hours
bridewestern1x1* Western Bridleressourcefer10ressourcecuir905 hours
bridewestern2x2** Western Bridleressourcefer20ressourcecuir18010 hours
bridewestern3x3*** Western Bridleressourcefer80ressourcecuir7201 day 16 hours
sellewestern1x1* Western Saddleressourcefer20ressourcecuir23012 hours
sellewestern2x2** Western Saddleressourcefer40ressourcecuir4601 day
sellewestern3x3*** Western Saddleressourcefer160ressourcecuir1,8404 days
tapiswestern1x1* Western Saddle Clothressourcelin2010 hours


A workshop's wear increases by 1% per day, whether it is used or not.

A reparer icon is visible next to workshop wear and can be used to repair it. The cost of repairing a workshop depends on the workshop's size and level of wear.

If you don't repair a workshop, it will become unusable upon reaching 100% wear and any ongoing production is lost. You can repair the workshop at any time in order to keep using it.