Solved my Vintage Apple problem.  Put it on my foundie French Trotter mare so she looks like she did when I started my account.  Beautiful :)


Q:Can I raise cows in the greenhouses?

A:No, you cannot, they are not tropical cows. default smiley :)

Please read the 'Things not to PM me about' section further down, it will save you time :).  

Lottery and other Contests that require friend requests and/or 'gifting'.  I do my best to give a ticket/other item to all the people on my friend list.  I dont need to be reminded that you have given me a ticket and require one in return.  That is more likely to make me not give you one ;).

Welcome To Ayjay's Page

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Things not to PM me about

IMPORTANT:  Foal Games Schedule

Friend requests -I dont accept them, sorry.

BM item trades - I dont do them, sorry

Buying your horses - Dont do that either, sorry

Selling my horses - the ones I want to sell are in the sales.  The ones that aren't in the sales are not for sale. Sorry.

Black Pearl stuff - I have no idea how to go about submitting a coat or background, or how to fix it if it goes wrong, sorry.

Questions of a personal nature  -  Curiosity is a good thing,  but asking personal questions of someone you don't know is rude, and can get you into bother.  So don't do it.  Thanks :)

Layouts etc - No I can't make you a layout or any other form of graphic.  I dont have time.  There are lots of html tutorial websites out there where you can go to learn how to do it yourself

The update today 8/9/14 removed turnips from the game so my foal games will no longer work.  I have removed them so that no-one gets confused and anyone who has copied them and uses them should try Dr Zig's page.  She has developed a new schedule that does not use turnips and I have tried it out on the International version, where it works fine.  Scroll down a little, you will see it set out there for you.

General Info About My Horses
French Trotter News

I'm breeding French Trotters on this game.  Just casually now, now that I have had the pleasure of having four horses that I bred in the elite boards for over a week ;). 

I'm also breeding Holsteiners, under the affix 'Lonach Holsteiners'.  Its very rare to find a Holsteiner covering on the public boards so I'm going solo on this one.  I started with my foundie mare 'Dance The Night Away'.  

If you want a covering from any of my 100 BLUPped stallions (all 100 BLUPped horses have a * after their name), then please ask.  

4th June 14 - I have resurrected my French Trotter breeding.  

I have an unbroken female line going back to my foundy mare Francesca*, the latest BLUPped female in that line is Dark Star*.  She has had one foal, SuperNova, who is my next BLUPping project.

Stallions available for covering

Shining Star* - 414.44GP / 100 BLUPped - 500e per covering

NightBird* - 641.71GP / 100 BLUPped - 500e per covering

PM me if you want a covering from either stallion, with the name of the mare and I will send the offer when I am next online.

Lonach Holsteiners News
Title for right hand box

Dance The Night Away is my foundie mare.

Her foals by Hollister - Townsend Holsteiners -

Lord of the Dance and Do You Wanna Dance.

Their foal You Dancin'?

Twins produced by You Dancin'? and her sire Lord of the Dance - Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons

Twins produced by Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons - I Don't Dance! and Dance of the Fairies.

Twins produced by I Don't Dance and Dance of the Fairies - Dancing is for Girls and Rain Dance .  

-Twins produced by Dancing Is For Girls and Rain Dance*   Wedding Dance and Fancy A Dance?

-Twins produced by Wedding Dance* and Fancy A Dance?* - Can Can Dancer and Dance On!

-Twins produced by Can Can Dancer* and Dance On!* - Dance In The Snow and Dance To The Beat

-Twins produced by Dance In The Snow* and Dance To The Beat* - Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer

-Twins produced by Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer* - Dinner Dance and Boys Can Dance.  They have a star!!!!!

-Twins produced by Dinner Dance* and Boys Can Dance* - Dance Til Dawn and Dance To Win

-Twins produced by Dance Til Dawn* and Dance To Win* - Shall We Dance and Save The Last Dance.

-Twins produced by Shall We Dance* and Save The Last Dance* - I Can't Dance and May Day Dance.

-Twins produced by I Can't Dance* and May Day Dance* - Star Dancing and Dancing the Tango.  They have 3 Stars!!!

-Twins produced by Star Dancing* and Dancing the Tango* - Tea Dancer and Dancing the Twist.  

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