Looking for a coverings if anyone is feeling kind :).  I'm in need of a covering from a  French Trotter stallion with a GP over 1150 and of course +100 BLUP.  Not worried about the fee, I will pay the max if necessary.  PM with the name of the stallion and the price and I will reply with the name of the mare.  Thanks

Just to let you know, I dont accept random friend requests.  Also I dont trade BM items, sell horses that I haven't put in the sales, or buy horses when begged.

No, I have never made a GA coat, background or Companion coat.  No I do not know why your coat won't save in the required format.  Or even what the required format is.  No I do not know what it means by 'pixelated'.  Please ask one of the players that hang about in the Black Pearl topic in the Events forum.

Welcome To Ayjay's Page

WARNING - I took the picture of the donkey so you can copy the banner if you want, but do *not* pass it off as yours. Image theft is a serious offence
Helpful Tips
UPDATED Foal Games Schedule
--The new Unicorn breeding time is simple to work out.  It is in your local time now.  

-- training for 25 hours of the horse's life will fill one training bar.  It will also finish gains in skills in rides.  With a C Timer. Without the Timer, its 50 hours.
The secret page URLs have been changed. Now its a 'hunt' to find a clickable URL to take you directly to the secret pages.

The link to secret page #1 can be found on the creative space page, above the timeline.

The link to secret page #2 can be found at the bottom of the black market page.

The link to secret page #3 can be found on the Game help section in the forums, above the list of forum topics.

--UK Game update time is 4.00am GMT

--There is no Ideas forum because this game is too new.  Anything about Howrse in General can be put in the Ideas forum on the International game, as most of the time, the changes made there filter down to this version eventually.  Things that are not even considered include changes to the Safe Haven, new breeds (especially Draft breeds) and 'chat rooms'.  
--There are no EC forums because Howrse has no plans on putting them on this game.  To explain why would take too much room, but the short version is that players were not using them properly on the International game and they were taking a lot of mod-hours to police and control.
Complaining and threatening 'revolutions' is not likely to help your case either

Anyone who has any helpful hints is welcome to PM me with them and I'll put them here.

I spent a looong time working these out on the International game, and they do work!

You MUST make sure that the foal is put to bed in a good EC with very clean (preferably impeccable) meadows at 6 months with 100% everything. If its a pony also be very careful to make sure that their weight is stable at this point.

You MUST feed what the schedule tells you to feed.Where it says to feed a certain amount, feed that amount. The energy given by the feeding will be less if you feed less and you will not be able to complete that day's games and still get the foal to bed by 22.00 with 20% energy. If you are gaming a Shetland, then do not feed at 1 year (follow advice within the stars below the schedule for 1 year old)

OK, your foal has woken up at 8 months and is ready to go!

8 months

1.5 hour pasture / drink / groom / 7.5 hr play / turnip / 1 hr play / stroke / carrot / 1hr pasture / Feed what the feed box says to feed

10 months

1.5 hr pasture / drink / groom / 1.5 hr play / half hr pasture / 1 hour play / turnip / feed at least 5.5kg of food / 7 hr play / stroke / carrot

1 year

1.5 hr pasture / drink / groom / 8.5 hr play / carrot / 1 hr play / stroke / turnip / half hr play / feed whats needed

*if there is a warning in the feed box, don't feed, just put in the pasture for a half hour. The foal should already have more than 20% energy after the last period of play*

1 year 2 months

1.5 hr pasture / drink / groom / 8 hr play / turnip / 2 hr play / stroke / half hr play / Feed 6.5kg

1 year 4 months

half hr pasture / drink / groom / 1 hr play / feed 6.5kg / 9 hr play / turnip / 1.5 hr play / stroke

skill gain by day

8 months + 10.2 gain
10 months + 11.4 gain
1 year + 12.0 gain
1 year 2 months + 12.6 gain
1 year 4 months + 13.8 gain = 60 points
General Info About My Horses
French Trotter News

I'm breeding French Trotters on this game.  Just casually now, now that I have had the pleasure of having four horses that I bred in the elite boards for over a week ;). 

I'm also breeding Holsteiners, under the affix 'Lonach Holsteiners'.  Its very rare to find a Holsteiner covering on the public boards so I'm going solo on this one.  I started with my foundie mare 'Dance The Night Away'. 

I am buying and skilling horses (mostly Freisians) for the Grand Prix.  *But* I do not need PMs asking if I want to buy your horse.  I find my own horses.

I am busy modding so I am not available to join breeding groups, sorry.  If you want a covering from one of my stallions though, then all you have to do is ask.  I will gladly put an offer through for your mare.

Wishing on a Star and Star of the Show, the latest BLUPped generation have produced a colt called Shining Star and a filly called Shooting Star.  

Stallions available for covering

A Hunter of Darkness - 353.21 GP / 100 BLUPped  -  400e per cover

Gypsy In My Soul* - 364.00 GP / 100 BLUPped - 600e per cover

Star Of The Show* - 412.52 GP / 100 BLUPped - 800e per covering

Shining Star* - 414.44GP / 100 BLUPped - 800e per covering

Lonach Holsteiners News
Title for right hand box

Dance The Night Away is my foundie mare.

Her foals by Hollister - Townsend Holsteiners -

Lord of the Dance and Do You Wanna Dance.

Their foal You Dancin'?

Twins produced by You Dancin'? and her sire Lord of the Dance - Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons

Twins produced by Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons - I Don't Dance! and Dance of the Fairies.

Twins produced by I Don't Dance and Dance of the Fairies - Dancing is for Girls and Rain Dance .  

-Twins produced by Dancing Is For Girls and Rain Dance*   Wedding Dance and Fancy A Dance?

-Twins produced by Wedding Dance* and Fancy A Dance?* - Can Can Dancer and Dance On!

-Twins produced by Can Can Dancer* and Dance On!* - Dance In The Snow and Dance To The Beat

-Twins produced by Dance In The Snow* and Dance To The Beat* - Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer

-Twins produced by Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer* - Dinner Dance and Boys Can Dance.  They have a star!!!!!

-Twins produced by Dinner Dance* and Boys Can Dance* - Dance Til Dawn and Dance To Win

-Twins produced by Dance Til Dawn* and Dance To Win* - Shall We Dance? and Save The Last Dance

Stallions available for covering offers

Lord of the Dance - 353.20 GP / 100 BLUPped.  700e per cover 

Dances with Dragons* - 356.95 GP / 100 BLUPped.  500e per cover.

I Don't Dance!* - 360.04 GP / 100 BLUPped.  500 per cover

Dancing Is For Girls - 362.96 GP / 100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Fancy A Dance? - 366.76 GP / 100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

Dance On! - 371.21/100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

Dance To The Beat - 378.04 GP / 100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

Dance Like A Dervish 384.80 GP / 100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

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