If someone in the Game Help forum directs you to the Help manual, they are not being mean or rude or 'hating on you' (I hate that phrase), they are helping you find the information you need, yourself.  This is a very important skill for life so ignoring their help is actually very rude.  

Q:Can I raise cows in the greenhouses?

A:No, you cannot, they are not tropical cows. default smiley :)

Please read the 'Things not to PM me about' section further down, it will save you time :).  

Lottery and other Contests that require friend requests and/or 'gifting'.  I do my best to give a ticket/other item to all the people on my friend list.  I dont need to be reminded that you have given me a ticket and require one in return.  That is more likely to make me not give you one ;).

Welcome To Ayjay's Page

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Things not to PM me about

IMPORTANT:  Foal Games Schedule

Friend requests -I dont accept them, sorry.

BM item trades - I dont do them, sorry

Buying your horses - Dont do that either, sorry

Selling my horses - the ones I want to sell are in the sales.  The ones that aren't in the sales are not for sale. Sorry.

Black Pearl stuff - I have no idea how to go about submitting a coat or background, or how to fix it if it goes wrong, sorry.

Questions of a personal nature  -  Curiosity is a good thing,  but asking personal questions of someone you don't know is rude, and can get you into bother.  So don't do it.  Thanks :)

Layouts etc - No I can't make you a layout or any other form of graphic.  I dont have time.  There are lots of html tutorial websites out there where you can go to learn how to do it yourself

The update today 8/9/14 removed turnips from the game so my foal games will no longer work.  I have removed them so that no-one gets confused and anyone who has copied them and uses them should try Dr Zig's page.  She has developed a new schedule that does not use turnips and I have tried it out on the International version, where it works fine.  Scroll down a little, you will see it set out there for you.

General Info About My Horses
French Trotter News

I'm breeding French Trotters on this game.  Just casually now, now that I have had the pleasure of having four horses that I bred in the elite boards for over a week ;). 

I'm also breeding Holsteiners, under the affix 'Lonach Holsteiners'.  Its very rare to find a Holsteiner covering on the public boards so I'm going solo on this one.  I started with my foundie mare 'Dance The Night Away'.  

If you want a covering from any of my 100 BLUPped stallions (all 100 BLUPped horses have a * after their name), then please ask.  

4th June 14 - I have resurrected my French Trotter breeding.  

I have an unbroken female line going back to my foundy mare Francesca*, the latest BLUPped female in that line is Dark Star*.  She has had one foal, SuperNova, who is my next BLUPping project.

Stallions available for covering

Shining Star* - 414.44GP / 100 BLUPped - 500e per covering

NightBird* - 641.71GP / 100 BLUPped - 500e per covering

PM me if you want a covering from either stallion, with the name of the mare and I will send the offer when I am next online.

Lonach Holsteiners News
Title for right hand box

Dance The Night Away is my foundie mare.

Her foals by Hollister - Townsend Holsteiners -

Lord of the Dance and Do You Wanna Dance.

Their foal You Dancin'?

Twins produced by You Dancin'? and her sire Lord of the Dance - Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons

Twins produced by Floral Dance and Dances with Dragons - I Don't Dance! and Dance of the Fairies.

Twins produced by I Don't Dance and Dance of the Fairies - Dancing is for Girls and Rain Dance .  

-Twins produced by Dancing Is For Girls and Rain Dance*   Wedding Dance and Fancy A Dance?

-Twins produced by Wedding Dance* and Fancy A Dance?* - Can Can Dancer and Dance On!

-Twins produced by Can Can Dancer* and Dance On!* - Dance In The Snow and Dance To The Beat

-Twins produced by Dance In The Snow* and Dance To The Beat* - Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer

-Twins produced by Dance Like A Dervish and Highland Dancer* - Dinner Dance and Boys Can Dance.  They have a star!!!!!

-Twins produced by Dinner Dance* and Boys Can Dance* - Dance Til Dawn and Dance To Win

-Twins produced by Dance Til Dawn* and Dance To Win* - Shall We Dance and Save The Last Dance.

-Twins produced by Shall We Dance* and Save The Last Dance* - I Can't Dance and May Day Dance.

-Twins produced by I Can't Dance* and May Day Dance* - Star Dancing and Dancing the Tango.  They have 3 Stars!!!

Stallions available for covering offers

Lord of the Dance - 353.20 GP / 100 BLUPped.  700e per cover 

Dances with Dragons* - 356.95 GP / 100 BLUPped.  500e per cover.

I Don't Dance!* - 360.04 GP / 100 BLUPped.  500 per cover

Dancing Is For Girls - 362.96 GP / 100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Fancy A Dance? - 366.76 GP / 100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Dance On! - 371.21/100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Dance To The Beat - 378.04 GP / 100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

Dance Like A Dervish 384.80 GP / 100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Boys Can Dance - 391.45 / 100 BLUPped. 500e per cover

Dance to Win - 399.79 / 100 BLUPped. 1000e per cover

Shall We Dance - 410.82 / 100 BLUPped.  1000e per cover

I Can't Dance - 422.28 / 100 BLUPped.  1000e per cover

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